Nikolopoulos Konstantinos professional interests


I prefer to use the word "professional interests" instead of what my profession or my job is. Actually I have a difficulty to define exactly my occupation and title at the work I am doing. 

I was lucky to participate at a small Company which mainly employees engineers. I was also lucky because my father left me with the freedom to study, to develop the GIS department (Geographical Information Systems) within the Company and above all supported me at all levels (financially for example during my studies). So, in a way I could choose what to follow and I could even decide when to change or abandon a project. I learned a lot that way. Even, when I had failures, I had the time and luxury to learn out of it instead of just moving on because time wasn't limited and because it hurt personally! And I could even choose my collaborators!

In the last 10 years I moved more or less to the information technologies sector combined with managing related projects. The main objects I worked on were small GIS database s and applications; some examples can be found at this web page.I was also responsible for technical support of the Company and even secretarial support (especially in writing propositions for tenders which is an art itself).

By the year 2007, my last interests were in developing business intelligence and promoting specialized projects by using artificial intelligence (together with a G. Stathis who implements the applications in Visual Prolog, C and Intel Assembler). We have started with some ideas and small simple customized applications. Some examples are:

  1. fastest possible sorting *indexing*, merging, converting and deleting of data records using Assembler

  2. very fast and complex data manipulations (especially texts) using artificial intelligence (Prolog)

  3. modeling of business processes with non-sequential procedures in mind (but rather logical rules, as human beings)

  4. relation finding (fuzzy techniques)

  5. business intelligence using information from the internet

  6. simple scheduling with many interfaces (many interdependencies) using 3rd party software such as

  7. intelligent data migration between databases (using intelligent data mining and transforming)


Actually I am in search of new fiels for applying these techniques, so ideas and moreover financing are more than welcome!

In the years 2009 until now I am working on water resource management related Projects. One last successful Project can be visited here:

Finally, some words on my educational background (engineering & aviation in general)

my studies at the University of Stuttgart in Germany gave me an aeronautical engineering background where I was able to study many interesting topics such as aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, stability, aircraft structures and other. It was a fascinating era; I made good friends and I still could be lazy....

I worked part-time at DLR where I finished my first thesis ("Studienarbeit"); it was on CFRP composites for a robot-arm (exact title in german: "Auslegung eines Getriebebauteiles in Faserverbundbauweise" DLR report 435-92/13, year 1992). I have gained significant experience in managing carbon, aramid and glass reinforced plastics (epoxy), in testing equipment, autoclaves. I also got insight in emerging technologies (in the 90s) mainly ceramics-  C/C-SiC fiber ceramics under re-entry conditions, CETEX  , FOTON-M2 .

I have also acted as a photographer for project technical documentation (with a Canon T-90). A sample of my work on CFRP composite is this robot arm:




The Institute's main page is located here.




After 2 years into my main diploma studies I started my diploma thesis at NTUA-LTT but I have not submitted it in the end; one of the last draft versions can be downloaded as pdf here (title: preliminary design of a radial flow compressor).

I should also mention that I have done a "Praktikum" (stage) at OLYMPIC airways in 1989 where I had the chance to walk through and stay at many maintenance and planning Departments. It was exciting and a real revelation for those who are interested in aviation and maintenance in particular. I had the chance to see maintenance of the Boeing 707, 727, 737, 747, Airbus A300 and Lockheed Jetstar.

After returning to Greece (ca 1994/5) I still hadn't a pilot license so I decided that I needed to practice aerodynamics hands-on the pilot wheel and not on the flight simulator; so I went studying again and got my private pilot license (PPL) back in 1996-7 at the Piraeus Flying Club. We were flying from Marathonas airfield. It was amazing. This is how private aviation should be for any young people here in Greece. I have flown with Piper 38-112 "Tomahawk", Piper 28-161, Cessna 150 and Socata TB-9 Trinidad. I even had the chance to make a radar controlled approach (GCA) to Kotroni Navy helidrome!

One of the greatest experience was when I was trained as a helicopter technician at the Hellenic Army Aviation (307 TSYAY) at Stefanovikion and at 2nd Helicopter Battalion at Megara Airfield; I had the privilege to work on and fly in the Agusta Bell 205 (or UH-1H Huey) helicopter.

Continuing education in business administration:

Back in 2003 I finished an MBA in "European Management" at NYC through ESCEM.You can download as a pdf-file my Corporate Project Dissertation with title Perspectives of a Greek Engineering Consulting Company and the resulting strategy in the acquisition, planning, implementation and evaluation of Projects funded by the European Union (EU) in Countries outside of the EU, especially after the re-structuring of the European policies  (1.2 MB)


MY FULL CV in english and greek will be available soon through this site

If you need to contact me just drop an email to :  mail at 707 dot gr