some short notes on my life until now 

I was born in Athens on the 5th of July 1968, son of Andreas Nikolopoulos, born in Vidiakion, Gortynia (harsh area in the Peloponnese) and Sylvia-Ilektra Straeuli, born in Kobe, Japan, daughter of Richard Straeuli from Winterthur, Switzerland and Emiko Hanako from Tatsuno near Kyoto, Japan.

I grew up in Thissio, Athens and if I judge from the photo I had a good time...

1974 Thissio

In late 1980 we moved to Kifisia, a northern suburb of Athens, where I lived up to my 18th year. I attended and graduated from the German School of Athens (DSA) in the summer of 1986.

In 1987 I started studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (then West Germany). It was a real fruitful time since I had to study, cook, care for myself and friends, gain friends and try to resist my homesickness!! It was in Germany where I learned a lot about photography, airplanes and of course people.

Practically, I returned to Greece in 1995. After working for almost 2 years for our GIS & Technical Support Department I served my military duty. After my release in September 1998 and since then I am again involved in several activities within ENB Ltd. As said, I mainly work for Geographical Information Systems (GIS) related projects and you can find more info on my work at the job section.

For the period 2006-2009 I also opened a vintage fashion shop in the centre of Athens called ABSEITS. I liked the idea to promote vintage fashion (2nd hand mostly) and especially 1980s women fashion (men aren't good customers as always...). I like the decades 30s + 80s for women and 40s for men. I also started collecting military flight apparel (mostly jackets) to bind ABSEITS to my aviation background.


ABSEITS was initially planned as an on-line shop but I soon discovered that people still need to try clothes on before buying; and frankly, personal contact is still preferable in any case. Finally after 2 years I closed the shop (June 2009) because I was again heavily involved in a new Project at ENB SA/ENM Ltd.

After a year I got involved in a small Company called SANICO WATER (personal Company) that acts as an equipment supplier for small wastewater treatment plants.

I live in the centre of Athens in a neighborhood called Thission near the holy places of Kerameikos, Filopappou hill and of course Akropolis itself.

I have a younger sister, Ioanna, married to Sebastian and as a result I got a nephew and a niece (a handsome "devil" called Andreas Maag and our "queen" Nora).

Nora born + Andreas

My mom and dad also have 2 dogs -  "Sirah" who is totally anarchic (especially when there is food in her can) and "Valtos" who is usually quiet but chasing cats like a pro...

Things that are important in my life: my friends, music, aviation, my hobbies (wristwatches & photography) and of course my chosen home, Greece.

In July 2011 I got married to Elia and one month later she gave birth to our son. You can have a look at him here...


small album on my family

image of me in 1985 (damn, am I young..)

at the student dormitory 1989

image of me in a rave party 1994

image of me as a soldier in 1997

millennium change in NY 2000

image of me in the Studio 2007

image with my Fiat 124 2008

image of me in front of ABSEITS (2009)

P-1A helmet2010

L'essentiel est unvisible pour les yeux , on ne voit bien qu' avec le coeur   (Antoine de Saint Exupéry)